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Alien passports was an idea that I developed in 2002. In my vision, passports contain computer chips with buttons to access information on the subject's home world, medical dynostic data, cultural and social data for friendly interaction as well as information needed by any governing bodies for classification, Identification, and travel permits issued by the appropriete system control.

Data could be displayed with scanner units, monitors or projected holographically.





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RECENT: Work on alien head concepts by Zarnala and others show a variety of ideas and artistry in their concepts. Good job!

Aliens do not always look outragious or monsterous, like something out of the horror films.

Yet, nothing gets your creative juices flowing like some colorful alien. Mysterious and beautiful in their own way.

There were 340 recognized dog breeds on earth in 2014. MJ-12 is reported to know of 129 different alien species. If stars are as numerous as the sands upon the sea shore, what do you think is the actual number of aliens in the universe?