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Crystal Prism Laboratories

Crystal Prism Laboratories is a research and development
partner that provides  advanced nano-technology
research resulting in innovative products.

Modern Chemical Solutions

Crystal Prism labs provides the Next Generation Petroleum Products through Advanced Nano-Technology.

Assisted with the expanding knowledge of central sciences, Crystal Prism Laboratories helps to provide significant advancements in modern chemical technology products. Allow the Crystal Prism Laboratories to design a catalysts regimen to fit your petroleum energy needs and requirements.

Cutting Edge Life Sciences

Crystal Prism labs developed: A Fuel Catalyst that is a nano-based fuels catalyst for internal combustion engines.

This catalyst is not a "single-issue" fuels additive but provides multiple capabilities designed to greatly increase mileage, reduce emissions, and offer greater power production from gas and diesel engines.

Lab Research, Development & Testing

Crystal Prism labs maintains a state-of-the art, wet laboratory for central science research to design, build, and test technological advanced concepts.

Here we explore the composition, structure, properties and changes of matter. This knowledge allows us to create chemical compounds and substances that provide interactions through intermolecular forces and chemical reactions resulting in new beneficial substances.


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