Aliensphere was dumped from the mind of Roger Carey in 1997. Once a Flash based web site, it continues to grow and change as a responsive site. (based on Bootstrap ®)

Begun as a labor of love for sci-fi and my creative works, it now includes my web design concepts and graphics (see HUMAN) as well as the alien stuff which I tweak or change for my web site theme. You might say, this is my creative sand box. .

More about this site

Communicative Designs © was founded in 1995 as a Desktop Publishing concern. Over the years, it has become the business end for my web and graphic design projects.

My individual artistry is displayed in homes, businesses, and has been featured in printed publications such as "Flash" magazine. My alien galleries contain works of other great artists, like Duncan Long and Greg Martin to name a few. Many have been changed in some way to fit my site's theme. (Check out the artist listing for more information.)

And of course, we hope that in some small way, some of these thought provoking art works are preserve a while longer, before the internet and world moves on and they also become lost in time.

Why aliensphere?

Our family hails from a small town in New Mexico by the name of Roswell. So now you know the reason for the alien theme. Sci-fi is also a great area for artistic expression and creativity.

Newspaper Photo

So if you want to see something weird... just hang out and browse!

And for our friends and relatives... all the best, from the Austin Carey clan.

Happy Trails!