Larry Wunsch and Associates, Inc. (LWA) is the commercial water technology supplier for Central Texas.  As such, we supply cooling towers, boilers, pumps, pre-insulated pipe, and accessories for all of your engineering and construction. Special requests are our forte'. Have your Engineers or Project Managers contact us today for bids on your next project.

We supply equipment, parts, documentation, and have a service technician on staff.

Some of the products that we can help you with are...

Auto Air Vents & Check Valves   Backflow Preventers
Auto Flow Control Valves, Coil Piping packages   Gas Meters & Regulators
Ball Joints, Expansion Joints, Slip Joints, Guides & Supports   Hot Water Generators, Storage Tanks
Condensate Return Pumps   HW Circulators, Domestic Expansion Tanks
Diaphragm & Float Valves   Oil Smart Elevator Sump Pumps
FD's, Soft Starts, Starters   Sewage Ejectors & Sump Pumps
Flex Connectors & Expansion Joints   Steam to Water Heaters
Hot Water Boilers and Boiler Flues   Water Pressure Booster Systems
Packaged Central Plants   Water Heater and Water Flues
Pre-Insulated underground pipe   Water Meters
Pumps, Exp. Tanks, Suction Diffusers, Air Dirt Separators, Heat Exchangers   Water Softeners, RO & DI Systems
Separator Systems & Electronic Water Treatment  
  • aerco
  • taco
  • tigerflow
  • selkirk
  • gws
  • rbi
  • carel
  • carel
  • carel
  • flexhose
  • valmatic
Steam & Atomizing Humidifiers  
Steam Traps & Vacuum Breakers  
Storage Tanks  
Strainers & Regulators  
Vibration Isolation